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WDET Staff

Meet the group of awesome people that keep your favorite radio station up and running.

Leadership Programming News Music Hosts Audio Engineering Underwriting Operations



Mary Zatina

General Manager

Jowana Moore

Business Manager

Jerome Vaughn

News Director

Joan Isabella

Program Director

Toby Tabaczynski

Associate Director, Marketing

Carmen Garcia

Associate Director of Philanthropy

Lea Thomas

Membership Manager


Stephen Henderson

Host, Detroit Today

Jake Neher

Producer, Detroit Today; special projects reporter

Annamarie Sysling

Producer, Detroit Today; host, Weekend Edition

Satori Shakoor

Host, Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

Ryan Patrick Hooper

Host, CultureShift

Amanda LeClaire

Host, CultureShift

LaToya Cross

Producer, CultureShift

Myreo Dixon

Producer, DRIS

David Liens

Program Coordinator, Detroit Storymakers

Jeff Milo

Reporter, CultureShift

Erin Allen

Content Producer, Framed by WDET


Pat Batcheller

Host, Senior News Editor

Quinn Klinefelter

Senior News Editor

Shiraz Ahmed

Digital and Audience Engagement Editor

Meta Stange

Digital Producer

Eli Newman


Sascha Raiyn

Education Reporter

Russell McNamara

Host, All Things Considered

Laura Herberg

Community Reporter

Alex McLenon

Associate Producer

Music hosts

Ann Delisi

Host, Ann Delisi Essential Music

Chris Campbell

Host, The Progressive Underground

Ed Love

Host, Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program

Jon Moshier

Host, Modern Music

Rob Reinhart

Host, Rob Reinhart's Essential Music and Acoustic Cafe

Ismael Ahmed

Host, This Island Earth

Nick Austin

Host, Soul Saturday

Jay Butler

Host, Jay's Place

Audio Engineering

Sam Beaubien

Creative Producer

Rahsaan Cherry

Audio Production Assistant


Lisa Brancato

Senior Underwriting Representative

Michael Perkins

Senior Underwriting Representative

Michael Rankin

Underwriting Representative


Matt Trevethan

Sr. Technical Operations Manager

Ryan Carlson

Senior Systems Administrator

ShVaughn Nunley

Administrative Assistant

Josh Linden

Membership Assistant

Tony Brown

Digital Distribution Manager

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