Quinn Klinefelter


Senior News Editor

I grab news in the morning, check the papers and the wires, call sources and take a big gulp of coffee,” says Quinn Klinefelter. “That’s how I start the day.” Quinn joined WDET in 1998 after working with the British Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio where he produced and hosted news and current events shows. He has been on top of the news for nearly a decade and honored for it by the Wisconsin Broadcasting Association and the Robert F. Hyland/CBS Radio Award for feature reporting for nearly a decade. Klinefelter was literally on top of the news in 1996 when he interviewed then-Senator Bob Dole and stepped on his feet during the Dole/Kemp run for the Presidency.


Recent Posts

Sanders Says Path to White House Goes Through Midwest

April 15, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump has failed to make good on his promises to help working-class voters in the Midwest. Trump’s 2016 victories in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania handed him the White House.

Canton Tries to Cure Crash-Filled Crossroads

April 9, 2019

Two of the most hazardous intersections in Michigan sit in quiet Canton Township. Officials plan to rebuild the road there. But critics have questions. Will road work keep customers from shopping? And will new development create more traffic, new road or not?

Court Opens Door to Deporting Iraqi Detainees

April 3, 2019

A U.S. appeals court has ruled a federal judge in Detroit did not have the legal power to stop Iraqis held in U.S. custody from being deported. The judge had said the detainees, many of them Christians, face violent persecution in Iraq.

Websites Sued for Allegedly Leaving the Blind Behind

March 22, 2019

Hundreds of lawsuits targeting website operators are being filed on behalf of blind people. The suits accuse the sites of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by using visual prompts the blind can’t see. Some firms call it a money grab by attorneys.

Expert: UAW Contract Talks could Impact U.S. Economy

March 13, 2019

The United Auto Workers, meeting this week in Detroit, say members are ready to go on strike during upcoming contract negotiations to protest job cuts. Labor analysts say the talks may be a model for how unions and manufacturers can coexist in the Trump era.

Detroit Convention Center Erases Name of Tarnished Ex-Mayor Cobo

Feb. 21, 2019

Detroit’s Cobo Center, which hosted a variety of major events, is changing its name. The naming rights will bring about $1.5 million annually. Many officials maintain they no longer want to honor former Detroit Mayor Cobo because they say he was racist.

Automakers Await Trump Tariff Decision

Feb. 20, 2019

President Trump is considering a secret report on whether he can impose huge tariffs on vehicles and auto parts imports on national security grounds. The tariffs could also be bargaining chips in trade deals. Automakers en masse strongly oppose new tariffs.

Unpaid Auto Loans Skyrocketing

Feb. 14, 2019

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York finds there are now more people at least three months behind on auto loan payments than there were after the Great Recession. Some consumer advocates say the problem stems from borrowers having too much time to repay loans.