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Streaming FAQ

If you are streaming on an iPhone or iPad use the following links:  WDET 

If you are streaming on an Android phone or tablet on a 4G network use the following links: WDET

If you are streaming on an Android phone or tablet using WiFi use the following links: WDET

For MP3 Streams use the following links: WDET

If you are listening on a desktop, the best way to stream WDET is through our player click here to play.

More ways to Listen

WDET’s Online Player

Stream WDET and Alpha through your internet browser using our online player. Launch »

WDET Mobile App 
For the best listening experience on an iPhone or Android phone download our mobile app available on the AppStore (Apple) or Google Play (Android). If you are having issues with WDET’s mobile app, contact us at

Apple Music 
WDET is available on the Apple Music platform. Launch WDET in Apple Music »

Live Streaming help

​I click on the “Listen Live” button, but nothing happens.

  • The new live player runs in a pop-up window. If you have any form of Flashblock software installed or a pop-up blocker, make sure that you approve running of flash on our site and make an exception for allowing pop-ups. Also, be sure your browser is running in its most current, updated version.
  • If your memory or cache file folders are full, you may experience audio streaming errors. Try emptying your Temporary Internet cache folder, and any additional temporary files, such as the contents of the recycling bin. You might also try to restart or reboot your computer to free up more of the system memory.

If you’re still having trouble accessing our live stream player, email us

What ways can I stream on my mobile device?

Where can I find the direct links to your streams?

  • If you are streaming on an iPhone or iPad use the following links: WDET
  • If you are streaming on an Android phone or tablet on a 4G network use the following links: Lo-Fi
  • If you are streaming on an Android phone or tablet using WiFi use the following links: Hi-Fi

If you are listening on a desktop, the best way to stream WDET is through our player at Listen Now.

The comments on a post won’t load.

Clear your browsing history and your cache to ensure that data or past log-in information is not kept in your browser files.

The audio sounds choppy, or cuts out and buffers frequently.

Buffering occurs when your computer is not receiving data fast enough; the buffering, or cutting out, occurs when the player tries to catch up. It may be caused by Internet congestion or insufficient bandwidth, possibly due to other bandwidth intensive activities (ie. other streaming, numerous downloads). Closing some other windows and applications may help. 

The Live player loads, but no audio is playing.

The stream may be temporarily off line. Please try again later.

You also may experience periodic outages in our stream as we comply with Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) rules.


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The latest episode of our music programs are also made available in the WDET mobile app and on each show’s page listed here.

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