Jerome Vaughn


News Director & WDET Host, All Things Considered

An award-winning journalist, Jerome Vaughn joined WDET in 1992 to help chronicle Detroit’s comeback and let people around the world know the truth about his hometown. His interest in news reporting began when he was five years old, when his mom bought him a yellow Panasonic ball and chain radio. He listened to news on it all the time and took inspiration from Walter Cronkite, Charles Collingwood and Eric Sevareid. Jerome also runs the news internship program, providing opportunities for future public radio producers. He has also served as a mentor for NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project.   Follow @jvdet

Recent Posts

1968: A Look Back

Dec. 28, 2018

It’s a year when Americans witnessed two heartbreaking assassinations and one of the closest presidential elections in U.S. history.