Looking Back on 2021’s Most Significant Court Cases and News Stories, from Racial Justice to Oxford Shooting

There have been several high-profile trials and legal challenges this year that have dealt with everything from racial justice and abortion rights to how we treat minors and their parents in court. "I thought that [the conviction of Derek Chauvin] was incredibly important to show that police officers can be held accountable." --Barbara McQuade, University of Michigan Law..

“One Night Without a Bed” Aims to Raise Awareness On the Youth Homelessness Crisis

Through its month-long “One Night Without a Bed” challenge, the Detroit Phoenix Center aims to raise awareness about the youth homelessness crisis.  According to the organization, 4.2 million young people around the world experience homelessness each year. The Phoenix Center is encouraging community members to sleep one night without a bed, anywhere, as long as it's out..