Author: Sascha Raiyn

Sascha Raiyn reports on education, children and families at 101.9 WDET. She has worked as a reporter/producer for the WSHU Public Radio Group serving Connecticut and New York, as an Investigative News Producer for WJBK Fox 2 and at the Detroit Free Press.

She is a native Detroiter who grew up listening to news and music programming on 101.9 WDET. She studied at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

UAW Votes for Direct Elections

More than 140,000 of the UAW’s nearly 1 million active and retired members voted in a court-ordered referendum. The vote is one requirement of a settlement between the union and the government after a corruption scandal led to more than a dozen convictions for union leaders and auto company executives. Neil Barofsky, the monitor appointed..

UAW Direct Election Referendum Ends

The UAW’s international referendum on direct elections ends today. Ballots were mailed to members of the United Auto Workers in October giving them the option to change the way their leaders are elected. The union’s International Executive Board has always been elected using a delegate system. That system, critics say, led to the corruption that..