Rep. Debbie Dingell Discusses Leaving Dearborn, Build Back Better and the Future of Our Democracy

After many decades of having a “Dingell” represent Dearborn, the city will have a new congressional representative. Michigan’s independent commission has officially re-written its political maps, which will soon cause a shift in political representation. “The vote we have is the fundamental foundation of our democracy and people are trying to undermine people’s confidence in that. You..

Detroit Launches Workforce Program Skills for Life

Detroit is launching a three-year initiative funded by federal pandemic relief dollars. The Skills for Life job placement and training program aims to put 2,200 Detroiters to work at various city jobs like cleaning up commercial corridors and landscaping public properties.    City officials say the program will help Detroiters overcome barriers to work or school. Candidates can get assistance with child care and transportation as they get certified in various skilled trades.  ..

Sen. Gary Peters Discusses Build Back Better, Semiconductors and the New Omicron Variant

After passing the House, it’s now up to Senate Democrats to determine the fate of President Joe Biden’s signature social spending legislation. The Build Back Better package would make some of the boldest investments in what Democrats are calling “human infrastructure,” including universal pre-K, expanded child care, health care, climate change mitigation and much more...