Michigan Supreme Court hears arguments challenging newly redrawn legislative districts

The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on whether they should direct the state’s redistricting commission to redraw recently approved district maps. A coalition of current and former Detroit politicians and activists allege the newly-redrawn districts violate the Voting Rights Act and would limit Black representation in state and federal government. If you reduce those majorities of African-American districts, and you look at the voting patterns, it's..

State Sen. Adam Hollier announces bid for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District 

State Sen. Adam Hollier is jumping into the fray of Michigan’s newly-redrawn 13th Congressional District. Hollier’s Senate district lies within the 13th. He says he’s running to help bring about structural change. “It's cliche to say that our system is broken,” Hollier says. “We all know that, but what we don't talk about is that is by design. Our system is..

Auditor General: It’s not “fair” to say COVID-19 deaths in Michigan long-term facilities were underreported 

Legislative Republicans are accusing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services of intentionally minimizing the number of COVID-19 deaths in Michigan’s long-term care facilities. There’s no evidence that’s true — and there’s no indication in an Auditor General’s report that a Whitmer executive order to have some nursing homes take in COVID-positive patients led to more deaths. For the long-term care facility related deaths or linked deaths, we knew the..

Michigan State Police report on disparities in traffic stops just the beginning in addressing the problem, says civil rights leader

An independent study conducted by Michigan State University researchers found that Black drivers are pulled over more than any other racial group in the state. The results also showed Black and Hispanic drivers are more likely than White and Asian drivers to be arrested after a traffic stop.  Michigan State Police Director Col. Joe Gasper says..