Author: Amanda LeClaire

Amanda LeClaire is Host of CultureShift. She began working in public media more than a decade ago, beginning at WDET and including time in Arizona and Wyoming, as a reporter, producer, and arts/music host. She loves bringing new ideas, music, and intuitive conversations to the audience.

Outside of radio, she has a passion for the arts, occultism, science, nature, and healing practices.

Feeling Anxious or Depressed This Holiday Season? Author Jenny Mannion Shares These Tips for Healing

Jenny Mannion The holidays are here again and that's something to celebrate. In the midst of another pandemic year, however, many of us are understandably feeling overwhelmed, anxious and maybe a bit depressed. Among the mountain of to-do lists, money and health worries, family gatherings are a big part of that stress. Author and intuitive healer Jenny..

Detroit Free Press’ New Restaurant and Dining Critic Lyndsay Green Aims to Tell Stories Beyond the Plate

Rebecca Simonov Entering the food editorial space at Hour Detroit magazine just before the pandemic, Lyndsay C. Green says that the “chaotic and uncertain” times signaled a new way to approach and tell stories within the dining scene and beyond.  “It’s really challenging circumstances and unfortunate, but in a way, I’m sort of grateful I..