Michigan State Police report on disparities in traffic stops just the beginning in addressing the problem, says civil rights leader

An independent study conducted by Michigan State University researchers found that Black drivers are pulled over more than any other racial group in the state. The results also showed Black and Hispanic drivers are more likely than White and Asian drivers to be arrested after a traffic stop.  Michigan State Police Director Col. Joe Gasper says..

Tracked and Traced: How thousands of American Muslims ended up on the terrorist watch list

 Listen and subscribe to Tracked and Traced: Apple Podcast — Spotify — NPR — Stitcher — Google Podcasts After the 9/11 terror attacks, American Muslims were subjected to surveillance, suspicion and put on the terrorist watchlist — a database shared by law enforcement agencies for suspected and known terrorists — leading to fear and paranoia of Islam and Muslims. Fatima Salman first..

Matching IDs for Transgender People Is Life-Saving for the Community, Local Activist Says

Members of the trans community are disproportionately impacted by violence -- and some of the hostility has been state-sanctioned. Governmental entities have outed trans individuals by refusing to acknowledge their gender or chosen name. That trickles down into other areas of their life -- like getting health insurance. Late last year, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced..

Rep. Debbie Dingell Discusses Leaving Dearborn, Build Back Better and the Future of Our Democracy

After many decades of having a “Dingell” represent Dearborn, the city will have a new congressional representative. Michigan’s independent commission has officially re-written its political maps, which will soon cause a shift in political representation. “The vote we have is the fundamental foundation of our democracy and people are trying to undermine people’s confidence in that. You..

Pandemic Reveals Issues Already Prevalent for Older Adults Such as Loneliness, Holistic Health Care

Older adults were among the most vulnerable populations during the pandemic. Besides staying safe from the coronavirus, they had to cope with aging during a pandemic with limited caregivers, isolation and finding new ways to receive health care. Dr. Preeti Malani is the chief health officer and professor of medicine for the Division of Infectious Diseases..

Michigan Reaching Breakthrough Moment for Access to Justice, Says Chief Justice McCormack

Michigan may be reaching a breakthrough moment when it comes to access to justice. That’s according to Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack. She tells MichMash hosts Cheyna Roth and Jake Neher that the pandemic has played a big role in getting Michigan's justice system to a better, fairer place. Subscribe to MichMash on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, NPR One or..

How Climate Change Shook Michiganders in 2021 — and What Things Could Look Like in the Years Ahead

Each year, the number of stories highlighting the changing climate has increased. In much of the world, there’s reason for that. This year, climate change took a particular toll in Southeast Michigan, where residents experienced one of the worst flooding seasons in its history.  “It’s a different reality, it’s a new world in a changing climate. And really what..

Detroit Police Fatally Shoot Woman Seen Threatening Customers with Airsoft Gun at Gas Station

33-year-old Nakita Williams was killed by Detroit police officers after threatening customers at a gas station over the weekend. It’s the fifth fatal shooting by city police against civilians this year.   Detroit Police Department Police Chief James White said on Monday the investigation is ongoing but showed members of the media images taken by Project Greenlight, the police’s video surveillance program. He says..