A print of Senator Daniel Webster speaking in the Old Senate Chamber

Washington Post investigation takes a look at the 1,700 congressmen who owned slaves and their impact on America

Slavery is an integral part of the American story, and while slavery does not exist today, its history has shaped American institutions, government structures – even its culture, religions and music. On Monday, a new article by The Washington Post uncovered a disturbing fact that further elucidates this idea: That more than 1,700 congressmen once enslaved..

Matching IDs for Transgender People Is Life-Saving for the Community, Local Activist Says

Members of the trans community are disproportionately impacted by violence -- and some of the hostility has been state-sanctioned. Governmental entities have outed trans individuals by refusing to acknowledge their gender or chosen name. That trickles down into other areas of their life -- like getting health insurance. Late last year, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced..

Looking Back on 2021’s Most Significant Court Cases and News Stories, from Racial Justice to Oxford Shooting

There have been several high-profile trials and legal challenges this year that have dealt with everything from racial justice and abortion rights to how we treat minors and their parents in court. "I thought that [the conviction of Derek Chauvin] was incredibly important to show that police officers can be held accountable." --Barbara McQuade, University of Michigan Law..

How to Knock Down Barriers That Get in the Way of Students of Color and Low-Income Students

Low-income students and students of color disproportionately face educational barriers, which were only exacerbated as the pandemic forced children to adapt to virtual learning. Education Trust-Midwest is attempting to provide disinvested schools with the tools they need, while also recognizing the schools in Southeast Michigan that have been working to overcome these challenges.  “We need a..