New Community Center to Open at Detroit School

The Ford Motor Co. Fund is bringing a center to Detroit's east side to help increase educational opportunities for students and access to services for neighborhood residents. A formal opening at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center took place Friday morning at Fisher Magnet Upper Academy. Five, four, three, two, one! #FRECCity #Detroit — Ford..

06. The End of Self-Doubt

Meet Jeremy He's probably one of the world's most likeable and spirited teachers. But after five years in the field, Jeremy is wondering if he can make it any longer - and even more, if he can make a difference.   Jeremy Brock Ghostly International All the music for episode 5 is brought to you,..

04. The End of High School

  Meet the Cass Tech Seniors They spent the last four months of their high school career chronicling their thoughts, fears and dreams. They're an incredibly bright and hardworking bunch from one of Detroit's most top-ranking high schools. Oh, and you'll fall in love with them. We promise. Listen to their story.   <Asset 1644: size null, side left, caption 'Jhawan Davis,..