Detroit Journos, Politicos Recap First Democratic Presidential Debate

Did you watch the first night of the Democratic Presidential debate? Stephen sits down with a panel to unpack the night’s biggest and most noteworthy moments.

Jake Neher/WDET

The pool of Democratic candidates vying for a 2020 presidential run is big — so big in fact, that the first debate between the candidates had to be split up between two nights with ten candidates each. Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson takes a look at how the first night went with a panel of journalists and analysts.

Among the standout moments of the night: those Spanish speaking candidates, the biggest geopolitical threat facing the US, the moment when Lester Holt asked the candidates if they would be willing to abolish private healthcare, gun violence, Rep. Tim Ryan’s take on Trump’s promises to Midwestern autoworkers and so much more. 

Guests include:

  • Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer
  • Political and Communications Strategist Greg Bowens
  • Independent Political Consultant Brandon Brice

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Jake Neher/WDET



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