National Geographic Explores How We Design, Live in Cities

The cover of the April 2019 special edition, single topic issue of National Geographic.

Cities face massive challenges moving into the next part of the 21st century.

Poverty, income inequality, gentrification, and climate change all demand big, innovative solutions.

National Geographic is devoting it’s entire April issue to the ways we not only live in, but conceive and design urban areas.

On Detroit Today, Stephen Henderson speaks with Robert Kunzig, senior environment editor at National Geographic. He’s the author of this month’s feature story, “Cities of the Future: Rethinking Cities.”

Henderson and Kunzig talk about the ways cars shape our urban environments, how cities around the world are addressing challenges differently, how these issues of the built environment relate to the natural environment, and how Detroit fits into these conversations.

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.

Image credit: National Geographic

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