Quinn Klinefelter


Senior News Editor

I grab news in the morning, check the papers and the wires, call sources and take a big gulp of coffee,” says Quinn Klinefelter. “That’s how I start the day.” Quinn joined WDET in 1998 after working with the British Broadcasting Corporation, National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio where he produced and hosted news and current events shows. He has been on top of the news for nearly a decade and honored for it by the Wisconsin Broadcasting Association and the Robert F. Hyland/CBS Radio Award for feature reporting for nearly a decade. Klinefelter was literally on top of the news in 1996 when he interviewed then-Senator Bob Dole and stepped on his feet during the Dole/Kemp run for the Presidency.


Recent Posts

Credit Cards Erase Requirement to Sign Sales Slips

April 16, 2018

Major credit card networks will not longer require a signature on a receipt. They say signing clogs check out lanes, costs businesses money tracking slips and the handwriting often can’t be read anyway. They say technology offers better ways to prevent fraud.

Former Judge Who Brought MLK to Detroit Dies

April 12, 2018

Former Detroit Judge James Del Rio, who said he convinced Martin Luther King, Jr. the city was safe enough to hold a 1963 civil right’s march, has died. Del Rio was a bit infamous. An ex-state legislator, he was removed from the bench for misconduct.

Michigan Members of Congress Ready to Unfriend Facebook

April 10, 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes his mea culpa on Capitol Hill today. And Michigan members of the committees grilling Mark Zuckerberg say Facebook may require far stricter government oversight to protect user data.

Michigan Ending Free Bottled Water for Flint This Week

April 9, 2018

Michigan says Flint’s lead-tainted water is now safe and the state will no longer provide it with free bottled water. Many residents hurried to find bottled water before supplies ran out, some saying they use 40 cases a week and can’t afford it on their own.

Are U.S. Small Cars on the Road to Extinction?

April 9, 2018

Recent reports claim Ford and GM plan to cut production of small cars and sedans in the U.S. Fuel prices are low and sales of pickups and SUV’s are soaring. But are automakers ready if gas or oil spikes again?

RFK the Day After MLK Died: A Warning that Still Resonates

April 5, 2018

When Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. Robert Kennedy wanted to cancel all his presidential campaign events until after the funeral. Instead, at the urging of civil rights leaders, RFK delivered remarks that almost address events in 2018 as much as 1968.