Black And Republican: What The Party Is (Or Isn’t) Doing To Attract Voters Of Color

Are being a Republican and a politically-engaged African American incompatible in the Trump era?

Laura Weber-Davis, WDET

A recent article on asks the question, “Have Republicans Given Up on Winning Black Voters?”

Author Perry Bacon Jr. posits that efforts by Republicans to reach out to and connect with Black voters is actually worse in 2018 than it was during the last Bush Administration.

What does it mean to be a Republican? And what does it mean to be a politically engaged African American in 2018? Are those things incompatible in the Trump era?

To help dig into those questions, Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with Wayne Bradley, managing partner of American Urban Strategies and former state director of African American engagement for the Michigan Republican Party, as well as independent political consultant Brandon Brice, who has stopped identifying as a Republican in the age of Trump.

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.


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