Top GOP Candidates for Governor Join Detroit Today

Stephen Henderson speaks with Bill Schuette, Brian Calley, and Patrick Colbeck.

Jake Neher/WDET

The August gubernatorial primary in Michigan is quickly approaching and candidates are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Last week, three of the top Democratic candidates for governor joined Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson.

Now, it’s the Republicans’ turn to answer questions about their visions for Michigan and how they plan to solve some of the state’s biggest problems.

Joan Isabella/WDET

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette answers questions about his long resume in state and federal government and how that career in politics gels with his embrace of President Donald Trump, someone who was elected on the promise of ridding Washington of career politicians. 

Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley answers questions about the Snyder administration’s role in the Flint Water Crisis, as well as his positions on mental health programs and marijuana policies.

Joan Isabella/WDET

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck talks about his position as an opposition voice, of sorts, inside the Republican majority at the state Capitol, as well as his proposals to improve things like roads and healthcare while also cutting taxes. Colbeck joined Detroit Today in April specifically to talk about his attacks on Democratic candidate for governor Abdul El-Sayed. You can hear that conversation here.

Click on the audio player above to hear from Schuette, Calley, and Colbeck on Detroit Today.









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