Metro Detroit Continues Upward Residential Building Trend

Region sees 16% growth in number of permits issued


Southeast Michigan continues to bounce-back from the recession of 2009. A report released Thursday says new residential building permits increased by 16% last year. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments conducts the annual tally of permits for new single-family homes, condos and apartments. SEMCOG Regional Development Planner, Janet Mocadlo says Livingston County topped the list for the largest number of new building permits.


“Livingston has been the fastest growing community for quite a while. Just because they have the space and it’s fairly affordable out there as well. At least for right now”   -Janet Mocadlo, SEMCOG

Mocadlo says the increase is largely attributable to the 600 permits issued for new single-family homes. She says St. Clair County saw a 73-percent jump year-over-year.

“Each of the communities in St Clair just had a little bit of growth, most of them did. But it was because of an apartment development that was going up that the numbers increased quite a bit”

Mocadlo says Monroe County saw a 27% increase in new housing permits because of a large apartment development there as well. She says across the region, new apartments and condos constituted almost half of the permits issued in 2017.

You can download the full report here



  • Amy Miller
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