Trump Gets First Big Endorsement In Michigan’s Political Realm

With the Michigan presidential primary just over two weeks away, Detroit Today brings voices of Michiganders who support the various presidential candidates.  Today, host Stephen Henderson hears from an elected state official who supports Republican front-runner Donald Trump. On Friday, State Senator Jack Brandenburg, a Republican from Harrison Township, announced that he was endorsing Donald Trump for President.  Senator Brandenburg represents Michigan’s 8th Senate District and is also the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In his endorsement statement, Sen. Brandenburg stressed Trump’s “honesty”, “utmost candor” and he “shoots from the hip”. Brandenburg joins Henderson in studio. Here are some highlights from their conversation:

  • Bankruptcy: Donald Trump has been criticized for having to file for bankruptcy in business. “I’ll be the first to say I’ve never had to declare bankruptcy in my business,” says Brandenburg. “But it’s just a fact of life. It stinks.” 
  • Personality: Brandenburg says he thinks the frank delivery and nature of Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders shows voters want something completely different out of their elected leaders. “We need people at this time to be very very honest with the American people,” says Brandenburg. “I find it very ironic that Bernie Sanders — an admitted socialist — is doing very very well these days… I think people collectively realize that Sanders… and Trump… really are conveying a heartfelt message that they want to help Americans.”