Can Marco Rubio Gain Momentum in Michigan’s Primary?

Linda Lee Tarver says Marco Rubio is the right man for the job of president.

James Cullum

Linda Lee Tarver has been an active member of Michigan’s Republican Party for many years, and she’s also President of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan, a member of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, and an avid supporter of Marco Rubio.  Tarver joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson now to talk about her support for the Florida Senator, who may be gaining momentum after Saturday’s second place finish in the South Carolina primary. 

American: Tarver says Rubio understands how real people live in America. “He’s certainly not insulated… he didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth.”
Christian: “He is definitely representing my views and my values,” Tarver says. She says Rubio’s Christian faith helps make him a strong candidate for her.
Issues: Tarver says Rubio will lead the country well on homeland security and military issues. “Marco Rubio is a leader. He definitely has a vision.”

Tarver says 65% of voters don’t want to vote for Trump, so that leaves a big window for Rubio to gain favor. And she says she think’s he’ll gain momentum in Michigan.