Mentors Change Lives Through Hard Work

Local groups want kids to emulate productive and constructuve behavior and ideals of others through mentoring

The definition of EMPOWER is to “make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights”. And the word MENTOR. It means “an experienced and trusted adviser”. When you put the words empower and mentor together you get get something like “more confidence in controlling one’s life with the guidance of a trusted advisor”. These two words can help make a difference in all of our lives but they are especially important in the lives of young black men who often struggle with poverty and the sense that they have fewer options and little opportunity in life. Stephen Henderson discusses these ideas with two guests know more than most people how these feeling often play out in the life of young black men but more importantly they know how the definition of empower and mentor can change that. Jeannine Gant is CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Detroitand Virgil Taylor is executive director of the Peace Project and has worked closely with the group BMe; Black Male Engagement.


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  • Amy Miller
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