Poll Numbers: Trump and Clinton have big leads heading into Michigan’s March 8th Presidential Primary

Pollster Steve Mitchell on what Michigan’s poll numbers mean for the presidential candidates

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In less than a month, Michiganders will be casting their vote in the March 8th Presidential Primary.  Prior to the Michigan Primary, their will more debates – two of them in Michigan, the Republicans, March 3rd in Detroit, and the Democrats, March 6th in Flint – and several primaries, including Super Tuesday on March 1st. Plus, there will also be many caucuses held, before we in Michigan, get to have our say. In the latest Mitchell/FOX 2 Detroit Poll, released on February 8th, Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, hold commanding leads in Michigan. Pollster, Steve Mitchell, the CEO of Mitchell Research and Communications, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to discuss his poll’s findings and explains which candidates, Michigan may be favoring on primary day.  


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