Outside Perspective From NPR’s Michel Martin

Michel Martin brings together Detroit’s creative community for a wide discussion.

Ali Lapetina for NPR News

Travis Wright is joined by NPR’s Michel Martin in this reprise broadcast of NPR Presents Michel Martin. The series which brought Martin to team up with WDET for an event at Detroit’s Carr Center on May 21, 2015 called Motor City Drive.

Speaking with a panel of the city’s artists, performers and crafters, Martin and Wright explored how artistic forces are helping to drive the Motor City forward. In this segment of Detroit Today, they discuss the event. Martin also offers her perspective of Detroit, where she has family and jokes, “But who doesn’t?”

The “NPR Presents Michel Martin” series has brought her to places like Dallas to talk about football, New Orleans to talk about education and many other cities. In her conversation with Wright she highlights some of these stops.

Click on the player above to hear the conversation.