Parents Petition to Keep Guns Out of Schools

Ann Arbor parents organize a petition drive asking legislators to keep guns out of schools.

There’s a gun battle brewing in Ann Arbor with the courts and state legislature involved. 

The controversy started (a few months ago) when a visitor with a conceal and carry permit took a gun into Ann Arbor Pioneer High School during a concert.

Since then the Ann Arbor school board has passed three policies that effectively keep anyone who is not a law enforcement officer from bringing a gun onto school property. Now Michigan Gun Owners and the parent are seeking an order from the court stating that the new policies are illegal and unenforceable.  

While that case moves through the court system, a group of parents is petitioning the legislature to pass HB 4261 prohibiting guns in schools. WDET’s Amy Miller spoke with one of the petition organizers, Dr. Sonya Lewis, who says she attended the concert where the controversy started.


  • Amy Miller
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