Michigan IS Gerrymandered, New Study Concludes

Michigan’s political district are gerrymandered, according to a new report from the Citizens Research Council of Michigan.  Click HERE to download the full report. Using a combination of statistical tests and analysis, the Council found that Michigan’s congressional and legislative district maps fail several tests that are currently being discussed to evaluate partisan gerrymandering. Citizens Research..

LIVE STREAM: Policy Meets the People – The Redistricting Issue Special [VIDEO]

Should Michigan redraw its voting districts? And what should the process be to do that? Can the state ever have perfectly drawn districts that never guarantee a political party-based outcome? Those questions -- and more -- are part of the  Policy Meets The People – MI Voice, MI Vote live show on redistricting.  On Tuesday, June 26, WDET is broadcasting a live one-hour special..

Voters Not Politicians: The Cons [TRANSCRIPT]

Jamie Roe If this November's statewide ballot allows Michigan voters the choice to change the process of drawing the state's political maps, Jamie Roe says they should vote "no." Roe, a political consultant with Grand River Strategies, says the proposal is too broad and would unfairly favor Democrats.  WDET's Pat Batcheller spoke with Roe, whose firm..