Why Does Steam Sometimes Come Out of Manhole Covers in Detroit?

While driving around downtown Detroit, have you ever noticed a plume of steam coming out of a manhole and wondered where it came from? If so, you’re not alone.   It’s something WDET's Laura Herberg has wondered for the past decade. This year, she finally looked into the origin of all that steam.  Climbing Down a Manhole Dorothy Hernandez/WDET On a recent Thursday afternoon, I’m looking into a manhole..

“One Night Without a Bed” Aims to Raise Awareness On the Youth Homelessness Crisis

Through its month-long “One Night Without a Bed” challenge, the Detroit Phoenix Center aims to raise awareness about the youth homelessness crisis.  According to the organization, 4.2 million young people around the world experience homelessness each year. The Phoenix Center is encouraging community members to sleep one night without a bed, anywhere, as long as it's out..

Detroit Is Not Built to Handle Climate Change

When flooding rains filled freeways and drenched basements across Metro Detroit in 2014, it was considered a 100-year flooding event.   It happened again over the weekend, with twice the normal amount of June rainfall happening within a few hours. Another heavy rain event is a certainty -- and it's likely it will be worse. Jonathan..