Abdul El-Sayed: “I Do See Myself Doing It Again”

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Abdul El-Sayed (right) with Stephen Henderson (left)

Gretchen Whitmer’s selection of a running mate on Monday sets a pretty clear course ahead for the general election. Garlin Gilchrist is a young progressive who has proven to be a prolific fundraiser and a hard-working campaigner. Whitmer’s campaign hopes he can help get voters excited to show up to the polls in November — especially those young progressives — as well as folks here in Detroit where Whitmer struggled in the primary election.

These were voters that Whitmer’s main opponent in the primary election also courted. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed came away with just over 30 percent of Democratic votes for governor. But it was the enthusiasm and grassroots nature of his campaign that turned a lot of heads. So much so that many people here thought he should be Whitmer’s choice for running mate.

So, what’s next for El-Sayed?

He tells Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson he’s not done with elective politics. 

I do see myself doing it again,” says El-Sayed. ”Who knows when or where. But I do see it happening again.”

In the meantime, he says he hopes his supporters will still turn out for Whitmer. He says he’s pleased with Gilchrist joining the ticket.

I am supporting Gretchen and Garlin,” he says. “Garlin is someone who I respect a lot because I’ve worked with him,”

Don’t ‘Abdul-Or-Bust’ me,” El-Sayed continues. ”Get behind Gretchen and Garlin. I am.”

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Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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