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WDET x City Bureau Developer Meetup

WDET is partnering with City Bureau on a civic reporting project to improve coverage of public meetings in Detroit.


We will be hosting City Bureau’s Labs team on Thursday, April 5th to discuss how Detroit’s tech community can get involved with the City Scrapers project, a tool currently under development in Chicago. The City Scraper project collects information on public government meetings and shares/standardizes them on a single calendar for the public in support of civic engagement. With your help, we’d like to add Detroit’s public meetings to the project.


WDET will partner with City Bureau to promote this new tool and co-host a series of Public Newsrooms to train Detroit-area residents on how to document what is happening in public meetings as part of a collaborative reporting project.


If you’re a Detroit-area developer that’s interested in learning more about this project, please RSVP by emailing Candice Fortman to join WDET and the City Bureau team at Great Lakes Coffee & Brewing at 5:30 pm.


Can’t make it to the meeting? Let us know by emailing Candice Fortman and we will follow up with more information on how you can participate in the future.


Support for this project comes from the Detroit Journalism Engagement Fund, which was created by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in partnerships with the Ford Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. The fund seeks to advance quality journalism while reflecting the perspectives of diverse constituencies including people of color, women and low-income communities.



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Image credit: Gflores/Public Domain

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