Deal Made Over Macomb County Sinkhole Funding

Jake Neher/WDET

Gov. Rick Snyder

Macomb County will get money to work on a giant sinkhole.

A deadlock in the Legislature was holding up the money, and it also delayed getting $100 million for Flint in the same budget bill.

The House and the Senate could not agree on whether the money for Macomb should be a grant or a loan. Then, Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration found $3 million in a fund for fixing roads that will be re-purposed to fix the sinkhole.

It’s not necessarily where we expected it,” said state Rep. Jeff Yaroch (R-Richmond). “But, it seems reasonable. This fund was set up for issues such as this.”

Snyder declared a state of emergency in Fraser in January. The sinkhole was caused by a sewer line collapse, and forced two dozen families from their home on Christmas Eve. 

The Legislature does not need to vote before the money is given to Macomb. 

Image credit: Jake Neher/WDET

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