Judge Tosses State’s Challenge to M22 Logo Trademark

State Attorney General Bill Schuette says a business should not be allowed to trademark a highway logo.

Rick Pluta/MPRN

A federal judge has thrown out the state’s challenge to a Traverse City business that trademarked a highway sign. The company brands t-shirts, water bottles, wine, and other merchandise with the M22 logo.

State Attorney General Bill Schuette said that’s not allowed because a highway sign belongs to the public, and his office challenged the trademark.

A federal judge disagreed and tossed out the lawsuit, saying the state couldn’t show how the trademark harmed its interests.    

“It’s a major sigh of relief for us,” said Matt Meyers, who owns M22 LLC with his brother.

“Finally, there’s a decision in our favor. It’s what we’ve always believed.”

But their legal fight isn’t over. The case now moves back to the Ingham County Circuit Court, where the company will also ask a judge to reject the state’s complaint.   

The case now goes back to the Ingham County Circuit Court.

“I think we have a good likelihood of success on that motion because of the opinion of the federal judge,” said M22 attorney John Di Gicomo. He says he expects a similar ruling. “I think the analysis is the same. So, we’re excited to get that done.” 

A spokesperson for Schuette would only say the decision is being reviewed.