Michigan Members of Congress Propose $700 Billion Water Fix

Several Michigan members of Congress want to target hundreds of billions of federal dollars to repair the nation’s water infrastructure and replace lead service pipes.

The proposal, sponsored by Detroit Democratic Congressman John Conyers and co-sponsored by fellow Michigan U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence, among others, is driven by the lead contamination tainting Flint’s water system.

Some experts say Flint is the “canary in a coal mine” of similar water problems ready to erupt across the country.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates it will take nearly $700 billion to fix drinking water and wastewater systems nationwide.

Conyers’+- plan would raise that money by taxing U.S. companies for the profits they earn overseas.

But the Republican-controlled Congress has voted against repatriating tax dollars from outside the U.S. in the past.

GOP lawmakers argue the U.S. top corporate tax rate of 39% is already the highest of any industrialized nation.

Lawmakers rejected a proposal by Congressman Dan Kildee, who represents Flint, to provide money for fixing infrastructure and monitoring the health of residents in the city.   

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET

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