Cass Corridor Apartments Go From Eyesore to a Sight for Sore Eyes

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Image credit: Pat Batcheller

Once-homeless veterans now have a place to call home.

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When Mike Duggan was Wayne County’s Prosecutor, he shut down a run-down apartment block that had been taken over by drug dealers and prostitutes. On Tuesday, Mayor Duggan witnessed the building’s rebirth as a home for people who were once homeless, mainly military veterans. Detroit Central City, which provides health and housing services to the homeless and the poor, bought the old Charlotte Apartments at an auction, and spent $6.1 million renovating the once-boarded up property. The group’s chief executive officer, Ryan Lepper, tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller he’s proud of the building’s transformation. Click on the audio player to hear the conversation.

Inside a Detroit Central City apartmentPat Batcheller
Pat Batcheller

Inside a Detroit Central City apartment


Pat Batcheller, Senior News Editor

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