New Year Brings New Laws to Michigan

The new year is bringing with it a new series of laws in Michigan, affecting everyone from drivers to diners.

There could be a different climate for eating-out in Michigan.

Health departments will no longer have to do on-site inspections of places like concession stands that serve what’s considered “low risk” food, such as pre-cooked hotdogs, popcorn or ice cream.

Sales of powdered alcohol are banned.

And those who use a service dog are allowed to take them to public places without being turned away, except in very limited instances.

Residents caring for the disabled can now open a tax-exempt savings account to pay for housing, transportation and other items.

In other legal changes a driver is allowed to show proof of insurance on a mobile device instead of having a hard copy in the vehicle.

Police and prosecutors are now required to have a higher standard of evidence before they seize property.

And a new, so-called ‘Blue” alert (similar to an Amber alert) will be issued when there is a search underway for someone who may have hurt or killed a police officer.   

Image credit: Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo/WDET

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