Governor Snyder: DPS Needs An Overhaul

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Governor Rick Snyder is asking the Legislature to take bills on Detroit schools overhaul, including creating a new district run by a board that’s appointed by him and by Mayor Mike Duggan. State lawmakers will have to approve the plan and funding for the new school system.

Host Stephen Henderson speaks with Snyder about his proposal on Detroit Today:

  • Solutions for Schools: “Most of the discussion has been about Detroit Public Schools. The approach we’re taking is how do we look at education in the state?” says Snyder. The Governor says it’s important to reform both financial and educational aspects of Detroit schools. ”This is about a comprehensive solution.”
  • State’s Part in Failure: Henderson says many people feel the state is responsible in part for the deterioration and failure of Detroit schools. “Ultimately you need Detroiters” to believe in the DPS plan, says Henderson to Snyder. The governor says Detroit’s bankruptcy should serve as an example of how the city and state can take on a major issue successfully.
  • Paying the Debt: Henderson asks the governor if other districts will resent the whole state chipping in to help turn Detroit Public Schools around financially. ”If we don’t do the solution… if this ended up in court… it could literally cost billions of dollars,” says Snyder. “By helping Detroit we’re helping all of Michigan.”




Image credit: Marissa Gawel/WDET

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