State Lawmaker Wants To Create Homeschooling Registry

   A state legislator is introducing a measure that would require parents or others who homeschool children to be registered with a school district and allow periodic visits by officials.

  The proposal, by State Representative Stephanie Chang, calls for those homeschooling children to provide their address and the names of the students involved to education officials in their home district.

   It would also mandate that a teacher, doctor or social worker check in on the children at their home twice a year.

   Chang says Michigan is one of only 11 states in the nation that does not require parents who are homeschooling children to inform state officials about it.

   The measure is a response to the recent highly-publicized arrest of a mother in Detroit who is accused of killing two of her children and having their bodies placed in a home freezer for several years.

   The woman had told those concerned that they had not seen the children in school that she was teaching them at home.

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