Michigan World War II Memorial Moving Forward

A Michigan group is making progress on a memorial honoring the state’s involvement in World War II. The oval-shaped area in Royal Oak will include bronze statues, a large grassy park for recreation and a colonnade of pillars. Legacy Memorial President Debi Hollis says the statues will represent wartime work done on land, the sea and in the air.

For instance, the air scene, the homefront half will be a statue of Rosie the Riveter working on the skin of a B-24 Bomber. The warfront part of that scene is two airmen suiting up to fly that B-24 that Rosie made.”

-Debi Hollis

Hollis says the organization has begun preparing the grounds for work, and forming molds for the statues. She says the group has completed about ten percent of its $3 million fundraising goal so far.

Image credit: Courtesy of The Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial

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