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Toyota Issues Two Recalls for Electrical Issues in Vehicles

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Image credit: J. Carlisle Larsen

The electrical issues includes potential power steering problems and software glitches.

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J. Carlisle Larsen
J. Carlisle Larsen

The two recalls covers 112,500 cars and SUVs. The first affects 110,000 2015 Camry sedans and Highlander SUVs. It also includes RAV-4 SUVs from the 2014 and 2015 model years. Toyota says the circuit board in the electric power steering may have been damaged in the factory, which could lead to the power-steering failing and potentially cause a crash. The second recall covers about 2,500 electric RAV-4s from the 2012 through 2014 model years. The software in a motor assembly can force the vehicles to shift into neutral on their own. With both recalls, dealers will inspect and repair any potential issues. Toyota says it knows of no crashes or injuries connected to the problems.

J. Carlisle Larsen, Producer, Detroit Today & WDET’s Morning Edition

JCL serves as a reporter, producer, and anchor for WDET. She’s a fan of audio editing, writing, and Space Jam. Hoosier by way of California and Nevada.

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