Call 911 to Report a Dangerous Pothole in Macomb County

Mark Hackel advises motorists to call 911 to report dangerous potholes in Macomb County.

a pothole

Michigan State Police officials are joining Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel in advising motorists to call 911 if they encounter a hazardous pothole. Hackel proposed the idea last year, but the state police did not support it at the time.

He says the problem was police thought he was suggesting that drivers report any pothole.
“What we are saying is when people do damage their vehicle due to a pothole knowing someone else is going to be put in harm’s way, they call 911. And that’s okay to do because we can get a road crew out there within an hour to fill it,” Hackel says.
He says all dispatchers know how to immediately get in contact with road crews. He says so far, drivers have done a good job of reporting only potholes that could be potentially dangerous.