Michigan House cancels session amid COVID-19 surge

COVID-19 is canceling votes and meetings this week in the Michigan House of Representatives. House Speaker Jason Wentworth said Monday that a number of lawmakers and staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus or been exposed to someone who’s tested positive. “Unfortunately, the same COVID wave that is spiking across the country is now..

Kelley Miller lies in a stretcher as a nurse watches a first responder takes her vitals

Quadriplegic woman taken to hospital after losing care due to Michigan’s auto no-fault law

The tragic consequences of Michigan’s new auto no-fault law continue to mount.  Republican leaders in the state Legislature promised to fix known problems with the law after it was passed. But they haven’t. More than 18,000 catastrophically injured Michiganders are losing necessary medical care as a result. On Sunday, Kelley Miller, a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic, lost..

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services deploys additional assistance to help Henry Ford Health System during the latest COVID-19 surge

A federal medical team will remain on-site for at least 45 days at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital due to a surge of COVID-19 infections. Bob Riney, chief operating officer for Henry Ford, says federal help is needed and wanted during the latest surge of COVID-19 in the state. “But the reality is, we're grateful that..

Michigan unemployment agency director says state is attempting to recoup money from fraudulent claims 

Billions in fraudulent unemployment claims paid out during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic was the subject of a joint House and Senate Oversight Committee Thursday.    According to an independent audit, of the $8.5 billion paid out fraudulently, some of it went to people impersonating others while the majority went to people using their own name to sign up for unemployment. It’s unclear if those people were attempting to defraud the system or..