January 18, 2022

Khana Detroit brings Pakistani street food to Michigan, one pop-up at a time

Khana Detroit is likely the only place in metro Detroit where you'll see twists on Pakistani and Desi dishes like butter chicken nachos and masala-rubbed fish and chips. [caption id="attachment_124093" align="alignleft" width="300"]…

GOP attempt to award Michigan’s electoral college votes to Trump was criminal, Nessel says 

Republicans who tried to put forth their own electors in 2020 election should face charges, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says. In December of 2020, 16 pro-Trump activists — including Michigan GOP chair Meshawn Maddock — tried to get into the state Capitol to put forth their own slate of electors, but were blocked. They also submitted documents making false claims. The group was not authorized to do anything election related..

Michigan House cancels session amid COVID-19 surge

COVID-19 is canceling votes and meetings this week in the Michigan House of Representatives. House Speaker Jason Wentworth said Monday that a number of lawmakers and staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus or been exposed to someone who’s tested positive. “Unfortunately, the same COVID wave that is spiking across the country is now..

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