Detroit Evening Report: Detroit police, mayor announce new strategy to address block party violence

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Mayor Mike Duggan announcing safety measures to regulate block parties in Detroit following the mass shooting on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

Mayor Mike Duggan announcing safety measures to regulate block parties in Detroit following the mass shooting on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

The Detroit Police Department on Monday announced plans to deploy extra officers to the Neighborhood Response Team following an illegal block party that turned deadly over the weekend. 

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Two people were killed and 19 wounded at the party on Rossini Drive near Reno Street early Sunday morning.  

At Monday’s press conference, Detroit Police Chief James White said there have been six shootings at block parties since July 4, resulting in 27 victims. 

“We’re going to continue to deploy at least 80 officers, and I know that’s a robust number, but with the number of block parties that we have, I think it’s important that we address it — much like we did park patrol — and put 80 officers out there who’s going to be directly responsible and engaged in reducing this violence and addressing this block party issue,” he said.

White says officers are looking for disorderly conduct, illegal parking and people carrying illegal weapons. 

He says they are also working with community violence intervention, or CVI, groups to address the concerns. 

Mayor Mike Duggan said the hosts and property owners of illegal pop-up block parties will be punished for violating city ordinances and engaging in public disturbances — a 90-day jail sentence. 

The city is adding 80 officers to neighborhood patrol, and making 911 calls about block parties a top priority. 

Community activist Teferi Brent says despite the tragedies, the root causes of violence have to be resolved to avoid future shootings.

“We cannot incarcerate ourselves out of this, until we address substance abuse, until we address fatherlessness, until we address functional illiteracy, until we address mental health issues, until we address poverty,” he said. “We will be back here over and over and over again.”

He says along with the work of community violence intervention groups, Detroit schools should teach kids conflict resolution, de-escalation and anger management. 

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