The Metro: Detroit video game creator to release second game set in the Motor City

The game’s creator, Detroit-native Neil Jones, joined the show to discuss the vision behind his latest project, “We Never Yield.”

"We Never Yield," the newest video game from Detroit-based video game developer Neil Jones, will be available on major gaming platforms July 16, 2024.

"We Never Yield," the newest video game from Detroit-based video game developer Neil Jones, will be available on major gaming platforms July 16, 2024.

Imagine a world where you’re set in a kingdom, but that kingdom isn’t home — Detroit is. 

That’s the universe players enter when they play the video game, “We Never Yield.” 

The game follows two brothers who were removed from power as kids and are on a journey to reclaim it; to do so, they must return to Detroit. While it is not the only video game to be set in Detroit, it is one of the few to be set in Detroit and created by a native Detroiter. 

The game’s creator, Neil Jones — also known as Aerial Knight — joined The Metro on Monday to discuss the vision behind the game. He says he was very intentional about setting his game in Detroit and how he portrayed the city and its people.

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“We don’t have many video games where we actually show the people, show like how we talk, show the culture,” Jones said. “And you know, small game, small developer, but I did the best I could to represent that as best I could.”

This is the second video game Jones has created. The first, “Never Yield,” he created completely on his own but gained a small budget and support to create the sequel, he said. While both games are very similar, players do not need to play the first one to understand the second game.

“So on the first game it’s about two brothers pretty much having this conflict in Detroit and kind of just run amok through Detroit destroying the city,” Jones said. “But in this game it’s all about making amends with each other, working together to get back home.”

Players can either play in single or two-player mode to parkour and race their way through many challenges and levels. Anyone with basic and general knowledge of video games can play, Jones said.

“We Never Yield” officially releases on July 16 on Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

Anyone interested in checking out the game can join the launch party hosted by Black Tech Saturdays,  set for 1 p.m. July 27, in the Newlab at Michigan Central. 

Use the media player above to hear the full interview with Jones.

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