Gary Peters talks Ukraine alliances, southern border

Peters just returned from a U.S. delegation trip to France, Italy, and Georgia to strengthen alliances against Russian aggression in Ukraine.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) has just returned from official Senate travel in France, Italy, and Georgia. He was part of a U.S. delegation discussing ways to strengthen America’s trans-Atlantic alliance and maintain a united front against Russia and its aggression in Ukraine.

“It’s clear that they need to continue to get military support, particularly some heavy armaments that are now going into Ukraine.” — U.S. Sen. Gary Peters

The delegation met with U.S. diplomats abroad, senior foreign government officials, and leaders of those European countries. He also met with exiled Russian journalists and dissidents.

Listen: Sen. Gary Peters talks about his official trip to Europe, Title 42 on the southern border, and more.


Peters says next steps after the trip include providing additional support for Ukrainian defense.

“It’s clear that they need to continue to get military support, particularly some heavy armaments that are now going into Ukraine,” he says. “Long range artillery, for example, is critically important as the Russians move to this next phase of the of the Putin War in Donbas, which will require a heavy artillery that’s being provided.”

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Peters has been one of the Democratic voices on Capitol Hill questioning the Biden Administration’s move toward ending Title 42 at the southern border. That’s the Trump-era public health order that stopped migrants and asylum-seekers from crossing the border into the U.S. during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC has said there’s no public health reason to continue that order.

“My view has simply not been as opposed to lifting Title 42,” says Peters. “It’s about, I want to make sure the administration has a comprehensive plan. That’s my job as chair of the (Senate Homeland Security Committee) to provide oversight to make sure we have a comprehensive plan in place. And if we’re going to need additional resources or additional support to make sure that that happens properly.”

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