Essential Cooking: James goes to Baja

Chef James Rigato reports back from his trip to the Valle de Guadalupe in the Baja Peninsula where he talks about regional differences in tacos, and what makes the wine in Baja so special.

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When you’re traveling somewhere new, what’s the first thing you look up? For Chef James Rigato, almost all of his trips are invariably food trips. Every new city, region or country has its own food and culture to experience.

He recently took a trip to the Valle de Guadalupe in the Baja Peninsula, where he found inspiration from the unique, but often underappreciated tacos and wine of the region.

His mornings in Baja started at a taco stand featuring Baja tacos, which feature fried fish and slaw. But those aren’t the only tacos he tried on the trip. He also went to Tijuana and Southern California. Each region has its own take on tacos.

Beyond delicious street food, Rigato also made time for fine dining. For anyone who wants to turn a trip into a food trip, going on paired food and wine tastings is a must. 

Rigato recalls one special meal in particular.

“This is a world-class food and beverage experience underneath an oak tree in the open air.”

In this episode:

  • How to plan for a food trip
  • What sets the food and wine in the Baja Peninsula apart
  • Tacos, tacos, tacos

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