Detroit Mayoral Candidate Anthony Adams Makes His Case Against Duggan

Adams doesn’t accept Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s criticism that his campaign is “nothing but spewing hate,” and he says his insights into the community give him an edge over the current mayor.

Nov. 2 marks the Detroit mayoral election, with former Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams challenging incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan. Adams’ campaign garnered support for criticizing the current mayor’s policies, which Duggan classified as “100% hate and divisiveness.”

“I’m not here to cheer [Mike Duggan] on, I’m here to deconstruct his policies and create a city that works for everyone.” –Anthony Adams, City of Detroit mayoral candidate

Despite coming in second with 9.99% to Duggan’s 72.4% of the vote in the Aug. 3 primary, Adams says he’s confident Detroiters will support him in the general election. 

Listen: Detroit Mayoral Candidate Anthony Adams ahead of Nov. 2 election.


Anthony Adams is a Detroit mayoral candidate and former deputy mayor of Detroit. He says, if elected, he’ll improve the quality of life in the city by investing in its neighborhoods. “We need a transformational leader, one who understands you need to put people first.” Adams says he doesn’t waste time thinking about Duggan’s victory in the Aug. 3 primary election. “We won’t know [which candidate is elected] until Nov. 2, and I’m very confident that my message is resonating. We’re picking up more support every day.” 

At the 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference, Mayor Mike Duggan spoke about his refusal to debate Adams, claiming the Adams campaign was “nothing but spewing hate.” Adams says he doesn’t accept this criticism. “I’m not here to cheer [Mike Duggan] on, I’m here to deconstruct his policies and create a city that works for everyone.” Adams says his insights into the community give him an edge over Duggan. “There is a reason [Mike Duggan] doesn’t want to debate the most qualified candidate he has ever faced in his life,” he says.

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