Metro Detroit Voters Share What’s On Their Minds Ahead of 2020 Election

Stephen Henderson kicks off a series of conversations with regular voters ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

The November election is a little over two weeks away. It’s almost hard to believe it’s so close after all that has happened leading up to this moment.

“I look at what people say they stand for, that’s really what we have to go off of.” — Amenia Army, voter from Woodhaven. 

On Detroit Today, Stephen Henderson will be exploring many issues over the next couple weeks related to elections, issues, and the state of American politics in 2020 with experts, journalists, and candidates. But he will also spend a significant amount of time to talk with regular, everyday voters.

On the inaugural voter panel of 2020 are two people here in Metro Detroit who have unique perspectives on the election and the issues at play.

Listen: Stephen Henderson speaks with voters about what’s on their minds ahead of the Nov. 3 election.


Amenia Army is a voter from Woodhaven who grew up in Detroit and identifies as a Democrat. She says as a Black woman in America right now, she’s thinking about voting rights, voter suppression, reproductive rights, campaign finance and overhauling police funding and allocation.

“I look at what people say they stand for, that’s really what we have to go off of,” says Army. “The Democratic party is more in alignment with my values and world view.”

Mike is a voter from Troy who did not want us to use his last name. He identifies as an independent voter who voted in Republican primaries for years. 

“I’m more conservative on fiscal issues and more progressive on social issues” says Mike, who says he’s become disenchanted with the Republican party in recent years, and now aligns more with Democrats.

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