Senator Gary Peters On Impeachment, Climate Change, and Michigan Politics

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is going to get $9 million in additional funding, and Sen. Peters says the extra money will go a long way in strengthening the environmental effort

The impeachment inquiry into President Trump is commanding headlines and consuming national politics.

While the turmoil in Washington consumes the discourse, lawmakers in Michigan are still working to tackle issues that need to be addressed in Michigan. 

Senator Gary Peters joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to unpack the issues facing Michigan as well as the tumult in the nation’s capital.

On impeachment, Senator Peters advises against a partisan approach. He says,”There has to be credibility in the process.” The Senator insists that the constituents deserve a non-political impeachment process, adding that the constitution demands an unbiased approach. 

Laura Weber Davis/WDET
Laura Weber Davis/WDET

In the midst of this acrimonious political episode, there are key issues demanding lawmakers and constituents’ attention alike. 

Climate change also has immense consequences in the state of Michigan. Senator Peters highlights this, stating, “There is a significant cost to the tax payers with climate change.”

He goes on to emphasize The Vehicle Innovation Act and The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative as essential plans to address the issue of climate change as well as Michiganders’ health and safety. 

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