Michigan Infrastructure Ranks Among Worst in the Nation

ASCE gives Michigan a D+ grade for state of infrastructure

A new D+ grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers may help a statewide movement that is pushing for repairs to Michigan’s infrastructure. The 2018 report card evaluates roads, bridges, water, wastewater, energy and other systems. Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association spokesman, Lance Binoniemi, says the D+ grade reinforces the goal of the Fix MI State campaign and what residents already know 

“Roads and bridges are our worst infrastructure in our state. The other one that’s just right behind that is our stormwater. Both our stormwater and our roads are rated a D-. 39% of our roads are in poor condition and about 39% are in fair. It does not leave a lot of good condition roads in our state” – Lance Binoniemi, MITA

Binoniemi says residents should also be concerned about how poor roads, water systems and other failing utility-framework impact growth across the state. 

“Whether it be business leaders of Michigan or whether it be the agricultural community that are concerned about getting our products and our goods to the market or it’s our tourism industry. People come in and drive on our poor roads or they go to a beach and there’s a beach closing because of ecoli conditions. And we are missing a tremendous amount of opportunity”

He says it’s important to make repairs before the condition goes from fair to poor. As the infrastructure deteriorates, the prices increase accordingly.

“For every dollar that we spend on a good or fair condition road to maintain that, we can save an estimated $6-14 in the reconstruction costs of that road when it gets to poor. The more you invest now uh, the less you have to invest in the future. And that’s not just for roads and bridges”

The highest grades for Michigan infrastructure went to solid waste and navigation. Both received a “C”. Few states received grades as low as Michigan.




  • Amy Miller
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