Congress Members Call for Investigation into Sex Harassment Allegations Against Trump

About 100 members of Congress are demanding an investigation into numerous allegations of harassment by President Trump.

Jake Neher/WDET

About 100 members of Congress are calling for an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against President Trump.

The effort is being led by a congresswoman from Michigan.

Almost 20 women have come forward claiming that the President sexually harassed or assaulted them.

Now the U.S. House Democratic Women’s Working Group is formally requesting that the House Oversight Committee investigate the allegations.

U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) is Vice Chair of the Working Group and a member of the Oversight Committee.

She’s one of three representatives leading the charge.

Lawrence says others have had to step down because of sexual harassment allegations and the same rules should apply to Trump.

“You have seen (it in) Congress, private industry, the media, the sports industry. They are saying zero tolerance for sexual harassment. And the White House is not exempt from that.”

President Trump countered by tweeting that the allegations against him are “fake news.” and that the women involved are lying.

Trump also asserts that Democrats are calling for the investigation because the probe into Russian interference in the recent U.S. elections has, he claims, reached a standstill.


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