Sick of Canada Geese? Block Their Runway

Migratory Bird Law prevents drastic measures to deter nuisance geese

“A lot of urban centers do not allow seasonal waterfowl hunting. And in fact, it’s the hunting activity that actually helps to keep these populations in check” 

The golf season is in full swing and with it, grounds keepers are back to fighting flocks of Canada Geese. The large and often aggressive birds are particularly fond of golf courses where they have plenty of space for take-off, landing and ponds to swim in. A 2013 report from the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service estimates about 5 million Canada Geese live in the U-S.  Ontario’s Essex Region Conservation Authority Biologist Dan Lebedyk says in both Canada and the U-S the geese are protected under migratory bird laws. There is a hunting season for Canada Geese in Michigan and in Ontario. But land owners are otherwise restricted on which deterrents may be used to get rid of any unwanted geese. Lebedyk says property owners can try to block open spaces with trees or by other means to prevent geese from landing.



  • Amy Miller
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